Installing Ubuntu 9.10



I use windows 7 and Vista in a dual boot version and I was very happy when I found easybcd for editing the boot loader under windows 7. I tryed to install ubuntu 9.10 like your description in the wiki.
I had the problem, that ubuntu 9.10 use a modified program for the partition. The described "advanced" button in step4 was not in the new partition program of ubuntu 9.10.So step 5 was not possible.
Can you give me some ideas how I can install Ubuntu 9.10 by using your easybcd instaed of Vista or in a new patition?
Get it back where you can use EasyBCD to dual-boot either using EasyBCD -> Bootloader Management -> Re-install Vista bootloader or perform startup repair from Vista/W7 DVD. Than you can use EasyBCD to setup boot between Windows/Ubuntu by adding a new grub2 entry to boot Ubuntu. You need the latest beta build of EasyBCD to do this.