Installing Vista and Backtrack; Questions on Menu.lst File Setup


I was wondering if you could help me out. I am trying to use your EasyBCD 1.52 and am running into some trouble. I would like to dual boot Vista and Backtrack 2.0 on my laptop. So far I have done the following...

Vista installed (hda1)
Backtrack Linux installed (hda4)
Swap on (hda3)

I have it so I can boot up into Vista (Had to FIXMBR to get back into it after installing backtrack)

It looks like I need to use your menu.lst file to get backtrack to come up?

Where should I go from here?

I tried installing lilo on backtrack and it didn't work. (I'm a complete noob on linux so its prob. my fault)

Thanks in advance,
Ryker :nerd:


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