Installing win7 in a new partition after win98 and winxp

Hi there. Hope you're doing fine. I attach images and I'm seeking for your precious help so that I make the correct steps.
The bootloader exists in primary partition c: where win98 are installed. D: is logical partition with WinXp professional. And I want to install win7 in e which was unallocated space. I show the contents of boot.ini on c.
Please help! Thank you!


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Boot into Win7 setup from a USB/DVD, install on E, manage bootloader using bootrec commands in Win7's recovery console post-installation.
Thanks for the reply. I did the installation from USB and it didn't finish. When I chose Win7 on the boot menu I got the message winload.exe missing.
Then I messed up with easybcd and destroyed all entries and lost access to win98 and xp which were under the menu "earlier versions of windows" . Hopefully I regained access to win98 and xp without formatting.
I'm now back to boot.ini and the bootloader of winxp, everything works OK but no win7.

Do you know the reason for the problem?
Should I leave the unallocated space unpartitioned so that win7 setup makes the partition? Could it be that e partition was inactive? But my c partition is active. Can I have 2 active partitions?

Of course winload existed in system 32 of e and was not missing.

The win7 repair tools could only detect win7 installation. I just formatted e and then delete it. It's now just unallocated space
Did you read this
Did you read this
Yes win98 are on primary partition c:
Win7 bootmgr seems a dump program. It can not replace ntldr correctly.

Winload.exe is on the win7 partition. Yet the clever bootmgr states winload doesn't exist and it also destroys the great ntdlr boot manager.

Shall I make the win7 partition active for installation to continue?

I suspect
W7 needs to be in control of the boot.
You add entries to the BCD for the XP and W98 systems as detailed here.
EasyBCD will take care of the chaining for you.