Installing Windows 10 from a USB stick - no luck


Just tried installing Windows 10 Pro 64-bit from a USB stick (Patriot Supersomic Rage 32GB) - but no luck. Yes, I altered the 'boot priority' settings but that does not appear to have helped. I currently have a dual-boot setup, with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Windows XP Home 32-bit. Fairly obviously, I want to scrub the ancient copy of XP and replace it with Windows 10. I used Rufus software to 'burn' Windows 10 to the USB stick, seemed which to go absolutely fine.

Yes, true, my motherboard and chip are a bit old too - Intel Core2 Duo E6750 with an Abit IP-35 Pro motherboard and 4GB of RAM (ie, Corsair Twin2X2048 XMS Xtreme Performance 800mhz). Any ideas?



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Microsoft download site iirc contains an approved app for creating a bootable USB stick from the W10 download. (search on "media creation tool")
Just burning the download might not have made it bootable depending on the software you used.
I'm not familiar with yours.
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