Installing windows vista error

:angry: I got an error message when i tried to install window vista recovery x86. The message was this Install windows: windows can not open the required file E:/sources/install.wim. The file does not exist. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation Error code:0x080070002 :?? what do i do to fix it ? I'm starting to think i'll never be able to wipe windows vista back to normal. :frowning:
You don't need to create multiple threads for the same topic. It just makes things more confusing.

The recovery disc from this website appears when booted to be just like a Vista disc with full capabilities, but it is ONLY for repair operations only on existing Windows installations that do not boot correctly. It cannot (re)install Windows. Clicking on the install Windows button would give you an error like you mentioned. You can only select "Repair My Computer" from the lower-left portion of the screen to get into the recovery enviornment.
Scroll down the page... its at the bottom of the screenshot. You have the option to restore files or the entire computer from a backup image.