Installing Windows Vista

Mak 2.0

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Okay this guide will take you through the many steps that are involved in installing Windows Vista Beta.

So lets get started. First you will need to make sure you have a empty 20GB partition available for install. If you don’t know what a partition is or how to go about this don’t worry your answers are coming. Other than the partition you will need your Vista Build on DVD. There are answers on this as well.

Okay first things first. To get a 20GB partition you need a few things.

1 .At least 20GB of free space to partition off.
2 .A partition software application.

Okay so the software you can use something like Partition Magic. This will work wonderfully. Version 8 is the best one to use for this. So install PM (Partition Magic) and restart your system. After the restart run PM and have it take your free space and create a partition for you. Simple right?

After that which will probably take some time you need Vista on DVD. This can be done many ways. There are several applications that will burn a ISO file to DVD. Alcohol 120%, ISOBuster, MagicISO, UltraISO, among others. Even Nero can do this. I would suggest you don’t burn it at full speed at that seems to cause some issues.
So burn your ISO Image to DVD and then get ready to install Vista.

So to install Vista all you do is put the DVD in the Tray. Start up the PC. It will come up with everybody’s favorite saying.
“Hit any key to boot from CD/DVD”

I know you are saying “But I don’t see a “Any” key.” Lol okay seriously press a key to boot from DVD. It will say
“Starting to load Windows Vista”
Here it will go thru the Preliminary steps. It will ask for basic info. First it will ask for a Serial that you have to enter to continue. So put in the Serial and click Next.


If the serial is accepted it will continue on to the next step. Here it will ask you where you would like to install Vista. Click on the Empty Partition that you just created.


If you didn’t format it already click Advanced and format the partition. After you have chosen the partition and formatted it click next.
This is the fun part. Waiting.


Vista is a self installing OS. It will do everything else on its own. It might ask for Keyboard settings and time zone but that is after it installs.
After it gets all the info needed boom. Windows Vista is installed. More or less. You will see that you most likely have driver issues. Might have to set up your Video Card for your preferences. But this is done after any OS is installed anyways.

There you have it. A simple and Basic Guide for installing Vista. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.