Installing WinRE on system with XP only


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Installing WinRE OR WinPE on system with XP

This is my first posting. Apologies if I do somthing inappropriate.

Prefeace: I have legal copies of XP, Vista, and Win 7.

I want to have a system with XP where I can press F6 after Bios post to access a WinPE or WinRE image. I don't want to access it via the boot manager menu. I can make this work if I install Win7 in addition to XP and enable Windows Recovery. I would prefer not to install them for the sole purpose of creating the "recovery" environment.

My system has two partition:
Part 1: Recovery, 300 MB, id=27
Part 2: OS (XP) 20 GB

I used EasyBCD to install the Win 7 boot manager. I have two boot options:
(1) XP
(2) RamDiskOptions - WinPE, located at c:\Dev\winpe.wim.

I can successfully boot either.

How can I configure BCD so I can press F6 to access the custom WinPE image rather than accessing it through the boot menu.

I used the following article as a reference, but it won't work without having Win7 installed and the windows recovery envornment enabled.

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