installing XP pro with Vista


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Where would i find STEP-BY-STEP-BY-STEP instructions on setting up a dual-boot Vista/WindowsXP setup via EasyBCD. I have installed EasyBCD on Vista and own a copy of XP pro but cant find clear step-by-step instructions(sorry!). A possible snag is that my version of Vista came pre-installed on my Tosh laptop and i only have a recovery disc for Vista, not a full retail disc. I know this is a basic post but im sure im not the only novice who wants to give EasyBCD a go. I previously had XP and Linux dual-booting using Partition Magic and BootMagic but of course Vista wont work with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hi CD, welcome to NST.
Have a read of the sticky thread point 2, and follow the link to the relevant APC magazine article.
That's what I used several years ago as a basis for a clean install of both systems on a new PC, but it's tailored specifically to your situation so you should be able to use it verbatim, more or less.
It worked fine for me so you shouldn't have any problems, but if you do, read the rest of the sticky - they should all be covered.