Instead of Easybcd, Grub takes over.... now what did I do wrong


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The laptop is an ASUS with ample everything, including 500 GB disk.
The disk map is as follows
22 GB hidden Recovery (where the recovery W7 sits)
120 GB = C for W7
195 GB = D for data, I like to keep data separate
65.5 GB = F for all installed programs that adhere to proper installation rules (as opposed to Windows C enforcement)

Then I had some left, so I decided to install Linux MINT (Katya version), which uses
60 GB for Mint
3.7 GB for Linux Swap
But the installer did NOT include a separate little disk space to put the MBR on, so that may be my problem.

I had Easybcd installed first, but since W7 was the only OS it just moves on at boot time and starts W7.
Then I installed Mint, and let the installer do its job. There were no questions if I wanted to use GRUB or LILO and where that should go.

Then when I first rebooted my pc, sure enough GRUB came in and asked me if I wanted to start MINT in about 4 flavors, and lo and behold, the last line said W7.:rage:
If I pick W7 the screen blanks out and comes up with Easybcd asking me what I want to boot W7 or Neosmart Linux (yes, I have meanwhile changed that name).

In short, Grub has taken over and Easybcd comes second, and that was NOT what I had in mind. I had wanted to have Easybcd come on and ask me which one I want.:tongueout:oint:
Now is there anyone who knows how to fix this (without a re-install of W7)???

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