Intel Mac Pro 3 drives 3 OSes several questions


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Hello, I have a Intel Mac Pro which has 2 64 bit Xeon Processors.
Right now I can boot into Ubuntu Vista and OS X using the option key but I would like to have the machine a bit more secure in a lab enviroment, th option key will allow to boot into any OS even one brought in on a USB key and there is a firmware way to lock that out.
My goal is to have each OS on a separate drive so that each OS is easily replaceable with back up drives if one fails. I have tried multiple solutions refit/elilo/grub2 but BCD seems to be the way to go, with easyBCD making my job easier (hopefully).
Should the drive containing \NST that be fat32? During the boot process if I choose OS X after BCD has created a c:\NST\ nst_mac.efi file I get a 0xc000007b error which says the file does not exist or is corrupted, right now Vista is on a drive that was formated for NTFS
Is the nst_mac.efi file 32 bit? Will that prevent the file form running on a 64 bit machine?
I would like to try other EFIs, refit.efi for example, can I simply replace nst_mac.efi with refit renamed to nst_mac.efi? What does that identifier do?

Supposing that I eventually get BCD working will there be a way to use PXE with BCD and choose which OS to boot to?
Hi pstdenis, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

That's a nice idea - I wish you luck.

We've had patchy success with EFI on MacBook, at some point during the beta Microsoft decided to pull EFI support, then put it back in - nothing is a guarantee there anymore.

You should be able to use refit.efi by renaming it nst_mac.efi and replacing the original nst_mac.efi with it.

There is no need for FAT(16|32), NTFS works just fine.

I'm not sure what PXE has to do with anything though... are you trying to boot into an OS on another PC?