Intel Matrix Storage Manager


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I wish to install xp on a Vista 64 system that uses Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Can I do this and do I need to install the raid drivers on XP during the install? I currently run a Raid 10 on Vista 64 and it works fine. Well better than fine it works great. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi jhall823, welcome to NST

Yes, it should be possible to install and use XP in a dual-boot, but it may require additional steps on your behalf in order to set up. You'll need to get the correct drivers in order for XP to recognize your disks and either load them from floppy during XP setup with F6 when it tells you to or slipstream them into a new XP disc with nlite.
Do you have an option in your BIOS to change the operating mode from AHCI to ATA (or IDE)? If so, then you should be able to simply change it to the latter, which will allow you to install XP, and then once you can boot into it, you have the option of installing the Intel Matrix Storage Manager then, and allowing booting in AHCI mode. That is what I did, so I know for a fact the Intel Matrix Storage Manger can be installed after the OS, not before, as most people are inclined to do. But regardless, Justin's method should work just as well, if you make sure to slipstream the correct IMSM for your hardware.