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I got this spam, its pretty cute don't you think? :happy:


Dear Sir/Ma,

Congratulations, you have been awarded 3,000,000 Euro in the Satellite software email lottery in which e-mail addresses are picked Randomly by software powered by the Internet through the worldwide website. Your email address was amongst those chosen this year (2008) for the satelite software email lottery. This promo is proudly sponsored by the Euro millions organization.

Below is the contact of your claims agent:-
Mr Haron Baker.
Claims Department,Swiss lotto Uk,
Well my eccentric far uncle who left me 5,000,000 $ says hi :smile: :smile:
But in that one it said he only had my email address or something like that and they needed my bank account and some other stuff

i deleted it so i dont have a transcript
i googled the orginization and it said spam but it said the usual name is mike forrester
p.s. there was some idiot in my class he got an email that e one 1.5 million pounds and he bought it all up they told him he has to collect them from ghana he covered his story by saying that his dad was already there on buisness yeah right the second i googled the company that sent hinm the emails name it was like
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I have gotten several emails like that Srage. It is even better for me to get them. Considering i am in the USA not the UK. :tongueout:
Nah, they usually don't care where are you from, I think, I got some from Africa last year. I even replied on it, cause it didn't look like spam actually. It said that that person saw me on some forum and blah blah... and I said okay, and then next email already talked about a money transfer. :tongueout:
I don't have to read my spam mail, and this is why.

My inbox after one day of not emptying the Spam folder:


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Well yeah to get that in a day is insane. You are very unlucky to have that happen to you. Even my main email address that i use everywhere doestn get that amount in 2 months let alone a day. Just scary.
yes very scary indeed how do i stop spam mail from routing direstly into my inbox when its sent to one person or sent in my name if you know what i mean
i mean sometimes spam is routed into my inbox and not junk because its sent in my email or if its sent to less than 3 people at a time or something even if hes not a contact
That's not how it works.

Hotmail guesses whether a message is spam or not based on the content, the sender, the subject, the recipients, the IP address, the time, the size, the wording, and a million other things.

Sometimes it guesses wrong though, and that's just the way it is.