Interesting VIsta issue

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Okay i just seem to not have good luck this week with my PC. I am ready to just format the drives and run from LiveCD's with this stuff.

Well i installed Vista SP1 no more than 5 days ago. Was working great. So yesterday after i installed Kubuntu (Thread on that here) and i went back to Vista.

Now i had Opera open. Winamp for music and the sidebar going. That was the apps i had opened. I know that i have a bunch of stuff start up. But my CPU was spiked at 100%. I looked and turns out my AudioADG or something Audio was causing most of the spike. So my sound drivers are cauing this issue.

Now i am not using Creative honored drivers for my Audigy 2 ZS. I am using the drivers that were pulled from the net cause they allowed for you to actually use your Creative sound card on Vista to the fullest extent. Not sure if Mahmoud would allow the link but you can find the artilces on it everywhere.

So my guess is that those drivers are the source of the issue? I have not removed them and seen what has happened. Just wondering if anyone has gotten any kind of feedback on it...
In what ways are you not able to get the fullest extent out of your sound with Creative's drivers under Vista that you need to use other drivers?
The first is Creative ALchemy. With the Creative drivers in Vista they do not have the option for the 3D sound used in gmaes. So you must get the ALchemy applicaiton to be able to use this in game. But it is not free. $10 for the program is not my idea of something that i should have to pay for when the drivers work fine in XP.

There is not Creative controls installed at all. I can not adjust my surround sound at all. There is no EQ nothing. You get the driver that is it. Which to me is not that helpful when i have to adjust my back speakers a tad.
The DanielK Drivers removed the crippling that creative give some of there hardware for vista didn't it?
Yes it did. That is why i used them. I think it was just a boot glitch. Cause i am back in Vista and not having the CPU spike this time.
Thankfully ever since getting my new PC, I've abandoned Creative and their endless tales of driver problems.. Realtek is so much better!
I've heard great thing about Auzentechs from everyone that ditched Creative for one - if I get a standalone card, it would be one of theirs.