Intermittent iReboot restart bug on Vista Ultimate


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Not sure if the beta SP1 RC Refresh is to blame, or my messing around with Bitlocker encryption (I doubt it's the latter) but now when I use ireboot in Vista to go to XP, or to just reboot back into Vista it takes a while then just shuts down. But not completely - almost like its hibernating. I say that because my USB hubs remain lit and the HD lights are still on but the monitor is asleep.
I have to flick the reset switch to wake it up and then it boots according to whatever I set in ireboot.
This only happens intermittently so isn't a major problem. Something must be interfering with ireboot.
Interesting, thanks.

iReboot issues this command when it wants to restart the PC:
shutdown -r -t 0

I'd guess the real problem is that Microsoft's own `shutdown` program is having intermittent reboot problems? :\
Windows itself, in Vista anyway, isn't all that good at restarting sometimes. Some days it does it immediately, others it will take ages.
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Nothing in the logs, probably just another one of those things... or it's still making its rounds across teh interweb.
I'm sorry: you were right, Peter.

Seems I've found a bug in PHP (it doesn't do DNS lookups right if you have IPv6 Teredo Tunneling enabled) so it wasn't sending out the messages. Hopefully you'll get this one :smile:
I did indeed - thanks.

I'll take your word for that as I haven't the faintest idea what all that means. However I do know that I don't use ipv6. At least I don't think I do.
According to Belarc Advisor that interface is present but when I look at my LAN properties IPv6 isn't active, only IPv4.
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Vist ahas IPV6 active by default i thought. From what i remember XP SP3 was supposed to include IPv6 as well.
I think it all depends on what type of connection one is using.
From these pics I would assume that mine is using IPv4 principally.

Yep, that's correct.

The server is Windows 2003; it doesn't have the IPv6 present by default. Installing the IPv6 option caused the PHP error (PHP's fault) removing it caused some downtime (Microsoft's fault). Gah.