International characters in boot entry name


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My environment:
- Windows 7 Ultimate x86 English with Polish language added (you can do it in Windows Update if you have Ultimate edition)
- All settings in Windows are configured for Poland and Polish language
- EasyBCD 2.0 Beta build 76

International (Polish) characters in boot entry name are displayed incorrectly. They are wrong everywhere:
- View Settings
- Change Settings
- Add/Remove Entries
- Advanced Options

Interesting behavior:
- Select Change Settings
- In Name texbox write some Polish letters (they are displayed correctly)
- Save Settings
- After Save Settings screen is refreshed and I see garbage instead of Polish letters
- I can run bcdedit /enum from command prompt and Polish letters are displayed correctly

It looks that you do correct conversion before save (ANSI => OEM ???), but you don't do any conversion when you read information back (OEM => ANSI ???).
Hi AnWu, welcome to NST and thanks for your feedback.

Let me look into this matter some more and get back to you. :smile: