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I have an always on broadband connection( wired ethernet) with a 'live box ' from orange . Now a linux o/s and xp and a wireless mac connect without any problems BUT vista takes ages to connect ... I boot up and after about 15 mins it will connect to the live box and its fine : has anyone else had this experience and and how can I get it to boot up and connect stright away like the other o/s ?????:happy:
I've got the same setup with the same ISP. Last thing at night I shutdown Vista then switch off everything at the wall. (all the kit including the livebox is on a surge protector strip).
In the morning I switch the strip back on, hit the tit on the PC, and by the time Vista boot completes, the router is normally just finishing its power-on cycle and the "Internet" LED is on. Windows mail is part of my auto-startup, and it's a toss-up which is ready first. Some mornings I get "couldn't connect" error messages and have to click "send/receive" again to download my email. Some mornings the livebox gets ready first and the mail is there waiting.
If I ever have to boot during the day, when the livebox is already connected, Vista and XP connect immediately.
My second PC connects XP wirelessly and again there is no delay, though it did take me a while to figure out what I'd not done correctly, as I originally had to manually start the wireless connection every boot - now by time XP boot is finished, AVG is already downloading its daily updates.
What do you mean by Vista won't connect ? What indications do you get ? My only connection problem is as described above, where Vista is too quick for the livebox on first power up. At all other times, startup tasks which require the internet (like AVG and my Met Office sidebar gadget) instantly connect.
rimsky, what does your PC see the internet connection as - PPoE or DHCP?

As in, does your router deal with the PPoE configuration, or do you have to enter a username and password in Windows to access the intrnet?
The Orange livebox is initialized during broadband setup with the Internet logon Guru. As soon as it completes its power-up sequence it's connected to the net. It has an integral VoIP phone line which is available even when no PC is switched on.
When a connected PC is switched on, the broadband link is available as soon as the boot completes, no logon required.
The router internal info says it's DHCP, as does the LAN connection details.
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ok I will try that


it still does not connect and I get a 'your modem or router is not available " when I try a network diagnostics .


AND 'the network adapter'Local Area Connection " does not have a valid IP configuration ?
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You could try plugging your ethernet cable into the yellow socket if the red is giving problems.


Or since it only seems to affect Vista, run the Orange setup wizard again on your Vista system.
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I have tried the red socket ...

and it caused a very slow connection with a macbook I have and It didnt change anything with vista > still very slow to connect ... I am no pc wiz kid so this business puzzles the hell outa me !!!!
I tried entering manually the same ip address etc that I get when vista eventually decides to connect by checking with ipconfig when it is connected and try a reboot and lo and behold no connection > I don't get it !!!
I have been onto microsoft and they claim its a problem with the live box ( ignoring the fact that xp and ubuntu connect without a problem !!) I get onto orange and they just send standard fixes which dont work and have left me without a connection for weeks on end > the live box will not re-connect to the internet !!.
any more ideas anyone on that one ???
Do you ever unplug your livebox ? A power off/on fixes a load of problems.
More radically, you can factory reset it (power on whilst keeping the 1 button pressed).
You then have to re initialize the box with your following the 7 steps in the installation notes, and then running your CD setup again.
Before you do that though, I'd try running the Vista setup again from the CD.
I appreciate your suggestions Terry but I have been trying to get this sorted since vista was released .. I have given up with the wireless connection as I had endless problems losing connection with the internet completely and now have an ethernet connection . Which at least connects without having to disconnect the live box itself !!! I wonder if the fact that I have 3 harddrives with 4 o/s complicates the issue for vista ... but why not for xp or ubuntu ... I have no idea ???
How long have you been an Orange user ?
I switched in Feb, and looking back in my diary, it says I couldn't get it working on Vista at first, though it came up straight away on XP.
Unfortunately I just put "eventually got Vista working" without any details, so I can't remember the problem or the solution.
I can tell you though that I must have found it in Orange Help somewhere, because nobody else was involved and my previous broadband and wireless experience was zero.
Sorry not to be of more help. I can only suggest a trawl through their knowledge base.
several years
ok I got a quick connection today by manually adding the ip address and the dns server ... and running diag and repair and reset ethernet and surprise surprise a connection !!