Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

That was fast. I didnt even get the email that they put it live yet. I signed up for the beta as well. Didnt get the notification that they had it ready.

Either way downlaoding now to test. :smile:
Well i can say that it is different. Nothing like IE7 so far. vB is all messed up. Which is odd to see IE display pages wrong but fun at the same time. :smile:

So far it is nice. I notice that it is faster than IE7 but still lacks something that make Opera and Firefox so great.
I may be persuaded to install it in my spare XP boot. Reports are very mixed so far. The Microsoft group that's handling it is microsoft.public.internetexplorer.beta, so far only available through OE or Windows Mail.


It appears not to like Google Toolbar. Had to disable it. Also the font for this group at least looks different somehow...not sure why.
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Well right now unless you are a hard core beta tester i would seriously advise against it. I mean not even this forum displays right. There are lots of bugs that have to be reported. So it wont be for the casual users. Just those who are hard core beta testers as this is truly a Beta. :wink:
On XP # 2 it really doesn't matter...that's my testing rig anyway. I agree it needs quite a bit of work, but it's in its very early stages and actually I think it has great potential.
IE8 is the poster of the word Beta.

IE8 renders everything incorrectly. IPB forums, vBullitin forums, MSN, Hotmail, Reports of broken with Silverlight installed and the list goes on.

IE8 is going to be Microsoft first step into a unknown region for them. The region of Web Stanardization. They are trying to make IE8 more standardized for everyone. Trying to get IE8 to pass the Acid2 test so that it will make it easier for coders out there to code a website for general use in ALL browsers. Not have to code specially for Firefox, IE or any others out there like Opera, Safari and such.

So after the release of Firefox 3 and IE8 the Web Standards will start to take over. As all 3 of the major browsers used will be all able to pass Acid2 and be able to display pages correctly. No matter which browser you use.

With all of that said i must say that havig the IE7 Emulate button is nice. So that if you go to a site that renders horribly you can jsut go back to IE7 view. There is also a lot of more useful tools which i have yet to test out. But all in all i am rather happy with the direction. It doesnt pass Acid2 yet. Nor is it really that fast when working. But this is a step in the right direction for those of us who understand anything about coding and what it is like to have to add bits to code for rendering in IE or any other browser.

All in all i am happy with IE8 right now. Buggy as can be. Renders horribly. But it is a move forward that has been needed since IE7 was released.
Just wondering, wouldnt the average user look for an improvement in design and speed?
I don't see any difference in the design and the speed is kinda better but stll, it looks the same as IE7
or is that because this is a beta?

Plus their WebSlices thing isnt that the same as the Speed Dial in Opera?? Or is this more developer oriented?
Yes the average user would look for a improvement in design and speed. But as i have said almost every site you visit is broken. So they would not look as they expect them to look and just think that IE8 is being junk and not know to report the rendering issue.

As for the speed it is only a marginal faster than IE7. But the rendering bugs would make many average users so upset that they would be upset with IE8 and want it removed right away.

It still looks like IE7 becuase it is still in Beta. the first screenshots we have of Windows 7 looks just like Windows Vista. That is because the first betas they release they put the new code in and try to get many of hte new features working. After they squash many of those bugs tehn they get working on the new looks.

WebSlices is more like the Widgets for Opera than the Speed Dial.

hey i think i just changed to internet explorer 8 and ever since then every time i post a quick reply i get just in time de-bugger and the tab refreshes itself but i get signed out even though the post gets posted
plus: my avatar stopped moving i don;t know if thats just on my computer
all insights are welcome
p.s. expecting a crash right after this


hey i didnt crash


hey i didnt crash


how ironic it crashed after posting the it didn'tcrash post i assure you it will crash now so bye
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As Mak said this is a true Beta version with lots of probelms, i dont know anything about yours since im still using Firefox

P.S. there is already a thread for IE8 so maybe Guru can remove these posts
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Now thats its installed how do i remove it?
I cant find it in Add/remove programs or in Windows Components,,

P.S. im using XP
IE8 release notes, including removal instructions are here:

If you can't find it in Add/Remove then use System Restore. It creates a restore point at installation.

It should be listed in your regular Add/Remove as Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta. If you haven't rebooted since installing it it wont yet show there.

I just removed mine because XP SP3 is imminent.
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Thnx Peter i see it now i was looking for it under Microsoft Internet Explorer thnx
I had also looked in the release notes but didn't see anything about uninstalling

P.S. Didn't you say you had SP3 already?
It's at the very bottom of the release notes. No, I removed SP3 beta in order to get the final RTM, whenever it's released.
Uninstalling SP3 beta was the messiest service pack uninstall I've ever experienced. Shall we say my computer did very strange things during that uninstall...LOL !!
Yes the threads have been merged and i did it wrong so i have to move this to the right forum now.

But read thru the thread now alligator. I have posted all sorts of info on this subject already.
sorry about the screw uo guys didnt see this thread but im using forefox to post this and its not crashing so its all good with me
Now thats its installed how do i remove it?
I cant find it in Add/remove programs or in Windows Components,,

P.S. im using XP

In the Add/Remove Programs do you have the Check Updates box checked? That should show IE8 in there then.:wink: