Internet Explorer Beta 2 Released!

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Not sure how many got the email or anything. But the site is up with the newest version for download.

Internet Explorer 8: Worldwide sites

Already installed it on mine. Looks good. I like it. Sites render good. Responsive. A good improvement from Ie7. I wouldnt suggest it to those who are not familiar with Betas and how they work though.

Just downloaded it for Vista...after creating a restore point of course. If you never see me again you know what happened....LOL


....and uninstalled it again...most things worked except Google Toolbar but it blanked out McAfee Security Center so couldn't keep it.

I'll wait until it's final.
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I like it. I think it is by far the best version of IE yet. I have had 1 crash. I have had 1 tab crash which was recovered immediately. I cant wait to see them get Java working better and to finally beat out FF.
I watched the 20 minute video, but there's nothing in the new accelerator list or other features that I'd really use. I'll be sticking with Maxthon 1 till it stops working probably. I only really use IE7 by accident when I hit a shortcut before Maxthon is running (one of the Vista bugs - it can't default to Max if it's not already running !), and the way I use it there probably wouldn't be any benefit to using 8 over 7, at least not until all the bugs have been fixed.
....and uninstalled it again...most things worked except Google Toolbar but it blanked out McAfee Security Center so couldn't keep it.l.

That's real annoying. Had the same problem with internet explorer 7 until mcafee decided to make its product compatible :frowning:
Sorry to regurgitate an old thread, but I thought I would just point out, regarding my earlier post, IE8 RC1 and McAfee get along just fine.
Yet IE8 still doesn't do threading right - it'll hang on operations from another thread on slow processors.
Yet IE8 still doesn't do threading right - it'll hang on operations from another thread on slow processors.

Heck, I have that problem with IE7 on occasion and I got a decent proccessor. I'll be in the middle of reading new posts and IE will just lock up on me as its loading the page I'm trying to access.
Does the McAfee forums use vB? I don't get issues like this on IP boards. Here's another example that just happended here where the page loaded but not correctly:


You can't see it, but the chipin widgets at the bottom-left of the page when its normally near the top at the right. I really do hope they fix this. Rather thats vB or MSs problem. Having the same issue with a version older than the beta and the beta itself is having the same issues indicates it won't be fixed. At least I hope thats not the case.
I'm using IE8 v.8.0.7000.0 256bit cypher strength in Windows 7 and everything seems to be OK here for me.
Yeah from the little time I have had to play around with IE8 in W7 so far I haven't seen it crash myself either, but CG's claim that its still having issues and the problems I've seen with IE7 led me to comment.
The XP version finally went on without a hitch there. If fact it imported all settings, favorites,etc. like nothing ever happened. Is the beta 2 version seen in the 7 beta? I figured that would have been included there.
Does no one read things like the IEBlog?

IEBlog : IE8 in Windows 7 Beta

The Windows 7 Beta includes a beta of Internet Explorer 8. I say “a beta” because IE8 in Windows 7 Beta is a pre-release candidate build of IE: it’s IE8 Beta 2 plus end user features that are only available on Windows 7 plus many fixes based on feedback we’ve gotten from IE8 Beta 2 usage.
Actually I go to the Windows 7 pages.

Internet Explorer 8

Available now, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 helps you do what you want online, faster. With innovations to the address bar, search, tabs, and the Favorites bar, Internet Explorer 8 brings you more information, with less effort.
<H6>Instant Search</H6>To start, as you type a search request you'll immediately start seeing relevant suggestions from your chosen search provider, complete with images when available. The twist: search will also use your browsing history to narrow the suggestions. You'll start seeing search results while you're typing. If you see what you're looking for, you can go right to the list without finishing the request.
Start typing and search results start appearing

<H6>Accelerators</H6>There are online services you use all the time. Like getting a map. With Accelerators, you can highlight a bit of information on any page, click on the blue Accelerators icon, and choose from a variety of services relevant to the information you selected. So if you highlight a business address and right click, you can use an Accelerator to get a map right there. The Live Maps Accelerator will show a map preview directly on the page.
At your service: Accelerators get what you need, fast

<H6>Web Slices</H6>With Web Slices you can instantly see changes on a website without going to it. Use a Web Slice to monitor things like auction items, sports scores, entertainment columns, and weather reports. When the content you're watching changes, Internet Explorer 8 delivers updated information directly to a Web Slice in your Favorites Bar, so you can see it right away.
Always up to date: Get Web Slice information from the Favorites bar

Information about Windows 7 is preliminary and subject to change. Some product features of Windows 7, such as the ability to watch and record live TV or navigation through the use of "touch," may require advanced or additional hardware. The features and functionality you find in the Beta product may not appear in the final version of Windows 7.

Yes I know... beta is beta so yes things change and no I don't read all the blogs... don't have time to read them usually.
I typically skip blogs simply waiting for more confirmed results. My assessment was simply made by looking at how long the beta 1 release has been out already. It's already been several months and generally the next IE to be seen is released before the next version like IE 7 came out before Vista's release.
I have the blogs on RSS. Considering they are written by the people who are developing them, i think they are a better source than any other place cause, umm well they are writing it.

So there should be no need for more confirmed results cause it is coming right form the source who will end up putting it on the Windows 7 pages.

Even before The Windows 7 Beta came out there was a update done to the IE8 releases. There was a build pushed out when there was that out of cycle patch for IE.
The announced availability seen there is a confrmation instead of going through each blog written on a daily basis. I check those on a more periodic basis. As far as the RC1 release there it rightt on XP with no IE windows open smooth this time around. Apparently the patch corrected the problem initially seen when first out.