[INVALID] BCD No longer works with windows 7


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I am an IT student messing around. I have a couple of laptops that I have set dual boot with VISTA and Win7 ith XP in the past, using Eeasy BCD. I just upgraded my main machine to Windows 7 from Vista, because it was infected with a nasty Trojan, which I isolated but could not remove - and I figured VISTA sucks anyways so see ya later. I figured I would toss XP in the mix on the new installation, after I had already installed Win7 of course (woulda been easier if I did xp first).

I have done this twice before with no problems, but this time it is a no go - any changes I make with Easy BCD disappear, I can never boot to xp and whenever I manage to get back to Win7 the record is gone for the added entry of XP. No matter what changes I make the boot option between the two never displays, and again, once I manage to get back to Win7 the changes I made are all gone.

I am looking at this as more of a learning excercise, since I hardly ever boot xp anymore anyways, but these kinds of things irritate the crap out of me, and I want to know why...

Mike the IT student
Post a screenshot of your Disk Management and copy/paste the contents of EasyBCD "view settings" (detailed).
The sticky will explain how if needed.