[INVALID] easybcd 2.1.2 do not run

Good evening,
I have just purchased 2.1.2 version, hoping this could solve my problem, but as for my previous version 2.0.2, when I try to run the program, I receive the following errror code :
0xc000007b (see attachment) and the soft do not start.
It is possible to run and use it in safe mode. The same for version 2.0 and now 2.1.2
But in safe mode I can't register... and the license key is asked each time I run the program...

OS is Win 7 64bits
Thanks for your help...



Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Do you have ZoneAlarm installed? If so, you'll need to disable the ForceField service. ZoneAlarm has a bug that stops many .NET applications from running.
You're perfectly right... I use ZoneAlarm and the "ZoneAlarm Toolbar IswSvc" IS the problem...
Everything works good when this toolbar is desactivated
Thanks a lot for your help