invalid ntdlr - booting c:windows hangs

Thank you for all your help, Terry :grinning:
Alright -- everything is up and running, xp is hiding vista and i am shutting down xp now (it's installing updates as I write this - always a scary thing). Do you think this issue should be mentioned in the hns section? "XP hangs during shutdown, causes Vista to remain hidden" type of entry?

omg, can you believe this? It's doing it again, @#$% Windows updates!!! same thing, different day...

Why is the Vista partition remaining hidden after I use XP?
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That's normal. HnS hides Vista when you boot XP. It unhides it when you boot Vista. Until you choose Vista from the HnS menu, the partition will remain hidden.
Your original problem was that the PBR had got corrupted somehow by whatever went wrong in XP, and HnS was never called again to unhide the Vista partition.
ok, so are you saying i'll have to use ubuntu to unhide vista everytime after logging into xp? cuz that's what i have to do now ... i'm getting the orig invalid ntldr booting c:windows msg, no vista hide n seek screen... just a hang.
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Using XP shouldn't corrupt the PBR and stop HnS from being in control of the boot.
You need to find what's wrong with XP. If it's corrupting the MBR/PBR each time you use it, it sounds like it might have a malware infection.