iReboot 1.0 Released


Mostly Harmless
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NeoSmart Technologies is proud to announce the release of iReboot 1.0 - our first “helper app” for EasyBCD. iReboot is a minimalistic (taking up only 400KB of memory!) that lets you intelligently choose which operating system you’d like to reboot into.

iReboot interfaces with the Vista BCD (so the Vista bootloader is a requirement) and sets the operating system your PC will boot into the next time you restart. Instead of pressing Start | Shutdown | Restart and waiting 10 minutes for Windows to shutdown, your BIOS to post, then racing to select the right operating system from the bootloader before it times out; you just install iReboot, right-click your taskbar and pick the OS you want to boot into - then go out, get a cup of coffee, come back and find it already there.

iReboot, like all other NeoSmart Technologies’ projects and services, is freeware. If you’d like to donate to ensure continued development and help us cover our mounting expenses, please do so (the donation tracker is right there in the sidebar).

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Congratualtions. Another great success from NeoSmart. Cant wait to get out there and tell the world.