iReboot 1.1 Released!

I've installed the new version On your homepage you wrote that the programm will only use about 400 KB of memory.
In the task manager I found two tasks (ireboot.exe and irebootd.exe) with about 1.200 KB and 17.000 KB. Is that correct?

With any memory-related benchmark the golden rule is that you're mileage may vary.

However, iReboot 1.0 had just one executable and did use less resources than iReboot 1.1 thanks to the simpler design (see the link above for my rant on the topic).

However, iRebootd.exe (the background service) shouldn't be taking up 17MB though....
I'll have a little look-see, perhaps there is a memory leak; but I don't think so.
Not using much resource here...


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Yep, that's the expected output...

iReboot.exe was created with < 1MB memory usage as the goal - but 1.1 saw the addition of iRebootd.exe which needs to keep open a RPC port at all times to accept commands from iReboot.exe via inter-process networking thus having a slightly larger memory footprint.