iReboot command line options not working


I'm using iReboot on windows 10 which works fine. But when I try to create windows shortcuts with command line options it just starts a second instance if iReboot so I have two tray icons afterwards (instead of executing the command line options):
"C:\Program Files (x86)\NeoSmart Technologies\iReboot\iReboot.exe" /reboot yes /sticky no /target {05df7a09-e2da-11e5-bcff-847113f35172}

the target uid I got from EasyBCD's simple view. I also tried with target {current} or running the shortcut as admin with no luck. It always just starts a second instance. It seems that command line options are completely ignored in version

Would be nice if I could get a confirmation from the developer. I know this post is more or less a repost of the thread in "Bug Central" forum, but apart from someone else having the same problem, I never got a reply there for over 10 days. So I thought maybe you're reading this forum more frequently. Of course a beta of iReboot which fixes this would be even better.

I know this software is for free for personal use and you're having a lot of people in the forums asking for help and I surely don't expect a 24hours priority support. But a bit of support after some days for possible bugs would be nice though. At least that I know that you're aware of it and it's on your list of known bugs to fix.

Thank you very much in advance.