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Mostly Harmless
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Well, that's an option in EasyBCD - I figured I'd keep iReboot as a lightweight app.

If people feel strongly about this though, I'll see if I can't stick it in.


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Is there any way to get iReboot to only start in my user name in Vista? I'm an Admin status account so I get the usual "Windows has blocked a startup program" which is easily dealt with in my case.
But anyone using the secondary users account needs me to enter a password to authorise it to start so if I could somehow make it a startup item only for me it would be great.
There is a program I use in XP called Code-Stuff Starter where you can actually change startup items from all users to current user only, but it doesn't work in Vista. I already tried it.
Of course I could turn UAC off, but I really don't want to do that.