iReboot on my current setup



I think I am in need of some assistance.

Here is the issue, I installed iReboot from Windows 7 and it works great and allows me to select Windows XP. The thing is, I then installed it in WinXP and when I click on it there is no option to boot to any of the operating systems. Could this be because I am using the reg patch app to hide Win7 C: drive from XP? If so, then how can I resolve this?

Thanks :smile:
If the BCD's stored on Windows 7 partition than yes its a problem, since that partition is offline as far as XP is concerned and therefore iReboot can't access the BCD. If you make your XP partition active and do a startup repair 2-3 times from Windows 7 DVD it well build a new BCD for you on XP's partition. You'll than need to re-add an entry for XP once in Windows 7 again. Make sure you've got the latest beta and you shouldn't have any problems.