iReboot option to Reboot *and* set default OS + default directory cannot be set


Would you please consider an option, just an option, that selecting a different OS *also* sets it as the default OS system?

In other words if I reboot from Windows XP into Windows 10, current OS from which I rebooted (Windows XP) is still the default OS.
This would be so useful if the act of selecting another OS to reboot into ALSO selects that new OS as the new default OS.

I requested this when the program was first made and was told to "just" use EasyBCD. I've been using it for half a decade + just for this purpose. It would be nice if iReboot had this option, no sense in starting full-blown EasyBCD, which is what I've been doing. I frequently reboot from one OS into the other.

Also iReboot automatically installs into a default directory, can there be a custom installation directory just like with EasyBCD?
Hi c627627,

Actually, iReboot has this option and has had this option for a while (if I'm not mistaken).

C:\Program Files (x86)\NeoSmart Technologies\iReboot\iReboot.exe.config

<setting name="StickySelections" serializeAs="String">

Set that to true, restart iReboot, and you're good to go.
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Thank you very much. Solved.
Can iReboot have a custom installation directory just like EasyBCD can? Currently iReboot cannot.
You're most welcome.

iReboot doesn't have that option (and because of the service backend it's hard to move the directory post-install), but it's easy enough to use a symlink to point it where you want it to go?
I found this old post for the same idea I wanted...however...please, no offense, but that is a classic example of a programmer opening a new can of worms instead of just using what is there.
It is silly to run a separate program (iReboot) to do what should be native in the the first (BCD). The original poster was right, it would be useful. In fact, it was native to windows up thru, I believe, XP (certainly in 98). There was always an option in MSConfig to select the operating system to boot and there was a tick box to select, always reboot to the last selected. So it you had to install updates it would always reboot back into the version it left. You could still pause the boot menu to select a new one, but after the time out, it would go to the last selected.

On a side not, I did try iReboot. It ran one time and since that reboot, it crashes. I admit this is on a Window 10 Preview build and I can't expect Neosoft to patch for every interium build. All the more reason to just make it native (again) under BCD.

@VicBCD EasyBCD does not run in the background, does not have a background service, does not load on startup, and does not inject itself into your OS. It's a standalone editing tool.

Functionality to configure Windows to boot back into itself is not natively available in Windows; therefore it is necessary for an always-on helper application to be used instead. As such, it's completely out of EasyBCD's domain and that's why iReboot exists.

Feel free to try iReboot again as there have been a few recent releases. If it's not working and you get a crash, file a bug report and I'll be more than happy to help.
Hi Mahmood.
When you are in the Edit Boot Menu of EasyBCD, you can select any OS you want. All that would be needed is an optional button that simply executes the reboot command
%windir%\System32\SHUTDOWN.exe -r -t 00

This would offer users an option not to run any always ON program (like iReboot) because always ON makes it impossible to image a
Windows 8/10 installed on C: drive
Windows XP installed on D: drive
if iReboot is running. It can only be done if iReboot is not running.
In this specific scenario having the *optional* Reboot button in EasyBCD would be helpful.
I don't see why running iReboot stops you from imaging. Make sure you have a separate iReboot installation for each OS and you should be fine (speaking from experience).

EasyBCD has had a reboot option for ten years. Tools | Restart