iReboot Questions


Is this the right forum for an iReboot question?

I love the concept and want to install it. However, I originally set up (or should I say modified) my dual-boot XP-Vista system with VistaBootPro (forgive the sacrilege!) before I became aware of easyBCD.

Anyway, the description of iReboot states it works in conjunction with easyBCD. Is easyBCD a prerequisite? Must it really be installed? Do I need to uninstall VistabootPro?

Can iReboot run on XP to easily boot back into Vista?

Hi Capatt, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

iReboot works independent of all other software, EasyBCD is not required (just a serving suggestion, like on the strawberry and milk on the front of cereal boxes :smile:)

Now with regards to VistaBootPRO... VistaBootPRO is built on code stolen from the authors of EasyBCD (us!). EasyBCD is the software you should be using, it does everything VistaBootPRO does and more - and it's recommended by Microsoft, PC Magazine, PC World, and more.

It really boils down to supporting the original authors of free software, and not using stuff built on stolen code and ideas. If you really want to continue using VistaBootPRO, that's your choice; but we recommend you switch to EasyBCD and keep on the safe side with quality code and better features :smile:
And the answer to your last question is yes, iReboot runs on XP and Vista, as does EasyBCD (but you need NET 2.0 framework on XP if you haven't already installed it)
Thanks for the very quick replies, guys.

Regarding easyBCD, all I need to do is uninstall VistaBootPro, and install easyBCD, correct? No other modifications necessary after that through easyBCD?

Thanks for the quick support.
Yes. Just uninstall VBP and install EasyBCD. If your boot setup already works then no further modification will be required. :smile: