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Hey, I have a couple of suggestions for iReboot.

1) Perhaps the ability to assign each OS an iReboot ID. This could be used in such a way that people could reboot into an OS perhaps by execution. Perhaps like this:
iReboot.exe /id 04
iReboot.exe /id "Microsoft Windows Vista"
This way, "Reboot into XP" desktop icons and keyboard shortcuts would become a snap. This should be pretty easy, no?

2) I would love to see the ability to automagically reboot from standard mode into safe mode without fiddling with the bootloader at startup. I looked for months for this feature in XP and the old bootloader -- to no avail. Now that the safe mode option is integrated into the Vista Bootloader (it is, isn't it?), perhaps you could work your magic? This could be tied in with (1), with '/safe' perhaps being an option.

3) Another thing for which I yearn (but isn't as useful as (1))is a quick-menu-type-thing. Perpahs press 'WIN+SPACE' could bring up an ALT-TAB sort of menu, whereby you can select an OS and it would automagically reboot into it for you.

One last thing -- I'd be interested to know, if you're willing to say -- how iReboot works. Does the Bootloader have a function where you can pass it an argument and it will boot selectively? Or perhaps you're modifying the bootloader itself :x?
My mind is drooling with the lust for this knowledge!

Please give me feedback on my suggestions.

EDIT: From looking over old threads, it looks like Guru has sussed the safe mode enigma. Waiting patiently for 2.0...
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Hi pj,

1) Never crossed my mind - very interesting though. The initial point of iReboot was to be as un-obtrusive as possible, so you just have the officer hat in the taskbar that decides what OS to boot into.

2) EasyBCD 2.0 will have an option to add a safe mode entry to the bootloader. Then you can use iReboot to select that entry.

3) Honestly an on-screen menu is what I'd consider to be overkill for such a scenario (back to the minimalistic approach). And people could easily end up rebooting by accident...

As for how iReboot works - we're using the EasyBCD libraries which are used to modify the bootloader data to temporarily change the default operating system.
Just to join in on this theme CG. I'm not currently able to use iR at the moment until HnS support is included, and I must say I do miss it, each time I boot XP for the TV and have to sit and wait through Vista shutdown and POST to get to the boot menu (especially if I lose concentration and Vista default takes me back through the whole loop again)

I'm looking forward to being able to use it again when HnS leaves Beta (hopefully quite soon now), and I have a suggestion to simplify it. (for the user, not for you of course - more work for you I'm afraid)

I realize that there are several triple and even quadruple booters who need a list of systems to choose from, but is there a point to removing the default system from the list, since a simple "restart" will achieve that, thus shortening the list by one, and removing the "boot on selection" option (I'm sure we all leave it ticked anyway).
That way, in a simple dual-boot with HnS when installed on the Vista system it would effectively be an Icon which if clicked would say "Boot XP ?" and a confirmatory click would see the job done. On XP, it would also say "Boot XP ?" and would reboot the non default system.
(This logic reversed of course if you've set XP as default - The Icon would say "Boot Vista ?" )
To me, an incomplete list of OSes to choose from (with the default excluded) is just asking for trouble. For one thing, I can already see the posts: "Why is Vista not on the list!?" And for another, it doesn't feel right to the perfectionist within :grinning:

More realistically, I don't use the shutdown menu any more. When I want to reboot, I go and select the current OS from the iReboot entry. When I want to choose a different OS, I pick it from the iReboot menu. Its' more logical that way.

The HnS integration would ideally be invisible to the user. iReboot would simply list all entries in both bootloaders (minus the entry that calls the Vista bootloader from the HnS one) and configure the defaults that way.

I'm hoping to get HnS out of beta too, you have no idea how badly I want it released.
"Reboot into XP" desktop icons and keyboard shortcuts


I am a german user of Easy BCD and iReboot on a Dual Boot with Vista an XP.

First I want to say:
Thanks to all developers, this tools are nearly perfect.:tongueout:oint:
I am very happy about using them for free.

Here is my wish / question:

It's the same as mentioned first in the first Post of this Thread.
Is there a way to use desktop icons and keyboard shortcuts for changing the Operating System?

I am using this with VirtualBox for starting my virtual Operating System (Ubuntu) and it is very cool to have an ubuntu icon on my Vista and XP desktop leading to another OS... cause of this it would be much better with a second icon leading to XP or Vista.

I have read this:

Originally Posted by quotes
I would love to be able to do 1) too.

That software is out already. You can download it from NeoSmart Technologies , search for "iReboot".
My Ireboot is the latest version and so I have tried out to use
iReboot.exe /id 04
and others...

Is there a chance for me to get this wish become true?

Sorry for mistakes in the text.:lup:
Absolutely :smile:

I'm timing an iReboot 1.2 release to coincide with EasyBCD 2.0 that will add command-line shortcuts :smile:
Really, by the time you've found the shortcut on a desktop you could have already selected it from the tray menu, but whatever... more features the better.
I'm adding the command-line support for more serious reasons: namely, being able to schedule reboots into another OS, or programatically booting into a different OS based on certain conditions.... but all's well that ends well so if people want to use it to pretty up their desktops, I say go for it :smile:
You are right.

It is easy and fast to use the tray menu and it is a perfect way for creating a small and easy tool.
Using Vista, XP and Ubuntu (virtual) on my Computer there is no way to start Ubuntu with iReboot because it's virtual...
Because of this I have got a list with XP and Vista in iReboot and a special icon for Ubuntu in my Windows Startmenu.

Using commands I would be able to generate an individual list with all Systems on my desktop, my Windows Startmenu.. that would be much better for me.

programatically booting into a different OS based on certain conditions
Maybe it is possible to start the OS you want to wish for using a special software...
Let's say:
Your active system is XP and you want to start a software only running on Vista.
It would be nice to get a message and decide to start or change to the other OS (Vista).

.... I have got no need of things like that but it would be a real nice function.

Looking foward to get iReboot 1.2, thanks a lot!
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