Irrevocably corrupt reserved system partitions

John Spencer

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Dear fellow users;

I am posting this from my laptop as my whiz-bang office PC is still cactus. I also purchased Easy RE from the website and burned it to several CDs. However, after running it in regular and safe modes it just came to a stop after going through all its diagnostics etc.

My PC was working fine until I deleted some Outlook files (to remove old .ost files). I reinstalled them from the recycle bin and something went wrong. After that my PC wouldn’t start. I tried to use a restore point but the one I thought I had made wasn’t there. I tried all the recovery tools available to no avail. I thought I had made a Nero clone of the C drive on an external disk but it was empty. The one for the laptop was there however. I also tried using command line fixes but nothing worked. Then I tried a fix I have used before. Using Acronis Disk Mgr 12 I made a new partition and made a fresh install of Windows 10. That partition will boot up fine. All my files are still there in their partitions and are backed up several times over. However, I wish to avoid spending a week loading all my programs from scratch and doing the registrations (including phone calls) again. I loaded the PC diagnostic tool onto the working partition of Windows. Yet no matter what I do I cannot get the partition with all my programs to boot up.

I also now have two partitions of “reserved system files” (500 mg each) and a listing of four os partitions (all Windows 10), two of which work and appear to be exactly the same and two which won’t boot up. One of the ones that won’t boot is on partition 7 and one is on partition 5. The one on partition 5 is the one where all my programs are.

I was wondering if I deleted both of the reserved system file partitions (using Acronis Disk Mgr) and reinstalled windows on one of the working partitions if that would enable a new system file partition from which I could also boot my partition 5 copy of Windows with all my programs? If I did that would I lose all the functionality of my programs on partition 5 and have to then face the horrendous task of a complete reinstall from scratch and programs and all? I know my data is OK. It’s just the programs I am worried about.

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If you have a W10 installation DVD, then it can fix a broken boot
without needing EasyRE (which should also be able to do the same)
However, not all broken OSs are fixable (it could be much more fundamental, nothing to do with the boot process) in which case, neither route will help.
I've had a perfectly good working copy of Vista in the distant past which, whilst sitting unused on a (non spinning) drive, contrived to become unbootable (and unfixable despite months of intermittent delving deeper and deeper into the OS)
I didn't use it much, so didn't mind it being u/s while I tried to fix it just as an intellectual exercise. Eventually I had to admit defeat and reinstall, after chasing the problem deeper and deeper into the OS. Each fixed bug just chained on to the next and the next and.....etc.
You should be able to see whether the problem is a broken boot process or a fundamentally corrupt OS because you have at least one working OS.
Just boot that up and add an entry to its BCD for the non-booting copies, pointing to whatever letter the working version sees for the non working version(s) in Explorer. (give them names which will distinguish them from each other in the boot menu)
Adding Entries
When you reboot, you should see entries for the other systems.
If they boot OK, problem solved.
If not, then you should get a crash with an error code which will give you something to work with.