is GRUB 2 supported in EasyBCD 2.0 ?


Hi guys,

so just as the title says, I was wondering if GRUB 2 was supported because the EasyBCD 2.0 add entry section doesn't tell so explicitly. As you know GRUB 2 will be the default on next Ubuntu and an option in other distros. Anyway I noticed a few bugs (some settings not activable...) in the GUI of 2.0 so I reverted back to 1.72 . thanks :wink:

edit: I was talking about build 63; just noticed build 64 was available.
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Yep - it should be fully supported, so long as it's been properly installed to the bootsector.

What options are not available in build 63?
Yep - it should be fully supported, so long as it's been properly installed to the bootsector.

What options are not available in build 63?

thanks for the feedback. So that's good news for GRUB 2 compatibility :smile:
It's only one setting, and I noticed the same on build 64: I just misread, that concerns just Vista and I'm in Seven; it's the setting about allowing unsigned drivers installation in Vista 64 bit that can't be unchecked, well it can, but after you've clicked "apply" you go to another tab and you come back to it it's checked again. No big deal, I'll use build 64 form now on anyway; that will give me the opportunity to give a shot at GRUB 2 that can be installed optionally in Mandriva (Cooker).
The 64-bit drivers option is mucky - MS interferes with that setting so it may or may not do what it should.

Good luck with GRUB2 though :smile:
Actually I'd like the OP or anyone else who has success with loading Linux from EasyBCD and its NeoGrub, booting Linux on a 2nd hard drive and having grub2 in the root partition rather than the mbr.

Reason being: It didn't work for me. :smile:

Debian Squeeze (testing) had its grub meta-package pull in grub2 today and remove grub-legacy. After much hassle I have it nicely setup again (phew!) but geez, it was tough to figure out!

The only way I ended up having EasyBCD's NeoGrub boot my Linux with grub2 installed was to leave Debian's nice chainload from /boot/grub/menu.lst into grub2 in place. Their grub metapackage installs this option, which grub2 itself does not (found that out, too and looked like crazy trying to get all those .img files and core.img thing that special chainload uses back after I had deleted them).

So, for EasyBCD, I have to NOT run "upgrade-from-grub-legacy" so I can continue to use the now obsolete menu.lst to chainload into grub2's menu. Otherwise, with only grub2 there, there's nothing for neo-grub to boot as it doesn't look for grub.cfg. I tried editing neogrub but just couldn't get it to boot without the legacy files there.

So grub-legacy isn't booting anything, but it points to grub2 with this:

title Chainload into GRUB 2
root (hd1,0)
kernel /boot/grub/core.img

And /boot/grub/grub.cfg has lots of new things in it, like screen resolutions and background colors (it's a nice pink!).

Don't 'cha love new technology? I sure hope it all gets sorted out. In the meantime I have it working with the kind of frankenbuild chainload thing using both grub's going.

Not having any luck. I installed Ubuntu Karmic which has grub2 and ext4.

I'm getting
Loading new partition
Bootsector from C.H.Hochstatter
Cannot load from harddisk
Insert systemdisk and press any key
I've tried the 2.0 latest build and just get a black screen with flashing cursor using the linux entry method.
Using neosmart and trying to chainload I get
File system type is ext2fs partition type 0x83
Error 13 Invalid or unsupported executable format
Is there a new build coming out that will support grub2 as this is now the new way.

[edit] This is defo an ext4 thing as well. I tried ubuntu 9.04 with ext4 and grub legacy and no go.
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