is it faster


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is it faster to:
1- restart or shutdown and then turn it back on
2- if for example neosmart bought but it would be rerouted to does it make a difference what i type

p.s. how long do stickies stick???????????????????
1) With Windows XP/Vista, restart or shutdown and turn back on are identical in every way. In Windows 9x however, there was a "quick restart" option that would reboot without re-entering the POST and was faster.

2) No.

3) Stickies stick for however long I want them to.
Restart's quicker by the amount of time it takes you to push the button for a cold start, and the spin-up time of the disks, because they lost power. (they stay on in a restart).
You can use restart (or iReboot) and leave the room. Shutdown makes you hang around to provide human input.

I have heard that if you hit start before your disks have stopped spinning, that it can cause hardware problems (possible head crash), but I suspect that's an urban myth !
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I think it'll wear out the hardware sooner, but not flat-out damage your disk... But take that with a grain of salt; I've only deconstructed hard drives but never put them back together again :tongueout:
for me i have to hold down the button for 4 seconds to shut down (faster then going to start - shutdown) and a very simple, extremely high touch at my restart button lol