Is it OK to disable Windows 7 disk drive inside XP


To protect windows 7 restore points from XP is it OK to disable said drive from within XP it does work, but I don't want to create problems. I tried HnS for Vista but in my case didn't work, it would only boot into XP. Does anyone here know if this is safe? they are seperate basic drives and I know this cannot be done for partitions on the same basic disk drive. If this OK it does make for a simple solution in my case. Rob
This hack is perfectly safe and generally seems to work (but not always e.g. for me).
HnS works fine with W7, but you have to mark the W7 partition as "Vista" in the UI (HnS predates W7, but the two boot processes of Vista/W7 are identical in design philosophy).
What problem did you have ?
After telling HnS which drive was which and renaming Vista to Windows 7 and restarting I was not given any choices just booted straight into XP. I do use another boot loader which belongs to Acronis True Image which shows a message to press F11 to enter ATU just before Windows selection. Perhaps it is a spanner in the works. Maybe I should de-activate that first before running HnS. Is my solution above safe in your opinion as it seems to work fine. Sorry yes I did try the suggestion in your link but did not work for me either. Regards Rob
Yeah...if you're using a 3rd party boot manager other than the one that HnS installs, don't expect there to be no problems with the 2 software. HnS is supposed to be the top-level boot, and it will then chainload XP or W7 respectively (with each install's own individual boot files on its own partition). If you have another boot manager installed in the MBR, which loads its own thing, the result will be unpredictable.
HnS takes control by pretending to be Vista/W7 Bootmgr.
If you're using some other boot manager, then it's no use at all.
You'll either need to abandon the other boot manager, or use its facilities to hide W7 (if it has any)