is that virus or what how can removed it


is that virus or what how can removed it :booyah:

in my system vista ultimate 32bit
the windows stoped can't makke any orders
i loke to resource monitor on disk
i see many of svchost.exe when it decrease
the window can make orders easy bet by bet
so is that virus or what how can i removed it
Go to Control Panel > Action Center > Backup and Restore > System Restore and pick a point in time before the problem occurred.
i don't know when i restore u ask me remove all my important work
sory this bad solution .should some tool or any thing remove this
System Restore only restores a previous system configuration. Your personal data won't be harmed.
i did that nothing happen the
svchost.exe still in the system
i now can't work so i change to windows 7
formatted the vista the windows work good put still
make this slow in work this (SVCHOST.exe) still here and alot
i used the regcure put nothing new
now my dear what i cann do???????
A whole bunch of them is normal.
This is my W7. Works perfectly.


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In Vista and Win7 svchost.exe is a process that you can see multiple times in your process list. So just cause you see multiples doesnt mean your infected.

Maybe if you could clarify what you mean by Windows can make any orders. Cause if you were able to open a web browser, register on the site and post. Then you can do stuff on the machine. So what exactly is it doing that leads you to think it is infected? What cant it do that has made you lead to think it is infected?
i raead abou it
i have kasper internet security 2011
no virus in computer
what is reason of thus unusual behavior
to process the cpu take maximum frequency 90%
without open any programe
and with o&o diskspace hard drive 100% high active time
all this for what
Start > Run > msconfig > OK > Startup
See whats starting up. Usually it should only be your antivirus program, or other essential items starting up. Nothing else should be enabled.

Reboot. Is it still slow? Open Task Manager > Process tab. Sort by the CPU column. Which process is taking up most of the CPU cycles?

Check out my link for MSE. Its a free alternative to Kasper from Microsoft and isn't a system hog. Run a full scan.
i do all this no thing better
it's more bad
more slove this svchost.exe now
is more the windows more slow
any other ideas
Please please