Is there a boot cd kinda similar to what EasyBCD can do?

Hi folks,

I had a hard drive failure last week that all my OS were on, replaced the drive, and then installed a copy of windows 7. I then used my acronis backups of windows and of course easyBCD to complete the process, drive partioned with windows 7 on both partitions.

A few questions have crossed my mind.

1 Is there a better boot dvd other than the windows repair one if I ever have the problem that windows won't start in future or a boot menu won't appear at computer startup?

2 I have used easyBCD repair option to copy the boot menu to my other data drive in case I loose the main OS drive boot menu, as I understand it I could change the drive in the bios and boot from the data drive instead, am I correct in that?

3 Am I right in thinking that say I amend the boot menu in easyBCD that it will overwrite the previous boot menu that is on the active disk so as not to cause confusion?

Many thanks for your help.


Mostly Harmless
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Hi Joe,

Have a look at our Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows, which is basically a bootable, fully-automated EasyBCD CD: Easy Recovery Essentials | Windows Recovery and Repair CD Downloads
Copying the BCD to a second disk is an interesting failsafe that may or may not work depending on where the physical bootloader is. If you deployed the BCD via EasyBCD to both drives, you should be OK. Every time you save changes in EasyBCD, they're reflected on the BCD file on the current active/system partition.