Is there a bootmanager before the bootmanager... ???


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I've a small problem with my Win7 Notebook. I ran a Backup-Software (Paragon Drive-Backup) but it didn't start correctly. Normaly, no problem, reboot and all's ok. But unfortunately, whenever I start my notebook, there comes a boot-menu and the Notebook didn't start before I press the return-key.

Today I installed EasyBCD to overwrite the boot-menu and select between Win7, the Recovery-System and Linux. But the boot-menu from paragon wasn't replaced. When I start the notebook, first the paragon-boot-menu appears and I have to click the enter-key before the second menu (the correct EasyBCD-menu) appears.

Have you any idea, why I didn't overwrite the paragon-boot-manager? Is there a posibility to place the EasyBCD-bootmanager at the right position?

Thanks in advance for your help,


P.S.: Sorry for my bad english