Is there a way to boot recoverz env. from usb ?

Hi !

I have a problem with my notebook. I have a issue and have to recover my vista now.
I Could use ibms szstemrecoverz but that allows me at the moment only al fluu restore, and as far as i see the problem, there is only a driver file corrupted that fails during booting.

I dont have a cd drive

i copied zour recoverz cd for vista un my erxternal usb hdd. i have selected it as boot device (its detected in bios and in bott device selection screen) but when i boot from ist, there just comes a black screen wit a blinking cursor in the right top corner
(hdd ist formated as ntfs and marked as active)

i tired to burn a cd with the image and use my external usb dc drive but it is not detected

please tell me is there a way too boot the windows recovery environment fom myu usb drive ?

Thanks a lot !
nope, if a am booting normal, i get a bluescreen, saying pacer.sys is corupted , it makes an error during loading anything like that, if i use advanced boot otions (f8) and select repair
they want me to insert cd, but i dont have a cd drive :smile: if i go to continue
something like
device is inacessible or not availabe someting like that
well, if you have a USB stick and a Windows CD. You can make a bootable OS USB.

For XP:
1) Download USB_Prep8
2)Download and put PeToUSB inside USB_Prep8 Directory > Click Start Formatting (Format your USB)
3) Locate Bootsect.exe inside your XP disk should be under BOOT folder. Type Bootsect /nt52 E: (Your USB Drive Letter) >Make sure it updated sucessful<
4) Follow steps inside USB_Prep8 Enter information for # 1-3, #4 to start
(Mount XP Disk image to a Virtual Drive to optimize extracting speed)
5) Transfer to USB and Set Netbook to boot off USB. DONE
6) Installation part: Boot USB, When booting Start TxtSetup first then GUI

If you encounter a Hal.dll Error, edit your boot.ini inside your USB to correct disk and partition.

For Vista:
1) Download HP USB Disk Format Tool + (Windows 98 SE Custom, No Ramdrive files) from
or Run Diskpart (Only inside Vista)
Run Diskpart in CMD (Run AS Administrator)
# diskpart
# select disk 1
# clean
# create partition primary
# select partition 1
# active
# format fs=fat32
# assign
# exit
2) Locate bootsect.exe file, Type bootsect /nt60 USBDRIVE: (To make Vista bootable)
or issue a xcopy in cmd. (VISTADRIVE:\*.* /s/e/f USBSTICK:\)

p.s, I have a Dell Mini and been experiencing for the past few days. A tip is that you need at 5gig of space to work in and best if you can mount the image of VISTA or XP installation disk as a virtual drive such as daemon-tools.
Hi atrix415, thanks for advising.

Edit: n/m, see we're talking about booting the recovery disc here.
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