Is there a way with a GUID partition?


Just wondering if there is any possibly way to get EasyBCD to access my GUID OSX partition (on PC of course...:smile:) I have looked high and low and the conclusion appears to be it has to be an MBR and since I am new to OSX (and have and always do generally hate it anyway...) I could not find a way to either install to a MBR part. nor convert it.

I did run searches here and Google BTW, so sorry if this was covered and I cannot find it. I think I am out of luck; but I'd love for someone to explain to me a solution is possible to get an entry into our Win7 x64 boot loader (OEM one...) Much better than explaining to folks how and when to hit F11 and what drive to pick!

So you know, we have a Windows 7 install on one of the drives and OSX is on a completely diferent drive and at this point neither are "re-instalable" - so that sort of suggeston can't work for us. I should have read more I suppose BEFORE installing OSX (mission critical Win 7 was and is already installed...) though I'm still not 100% sure how we went about it there would be any way of doing so with a MBR on the OSX drive. Hope I just am missing something in the 40 things and tries I made with the new version of Easy BCD 2.0.2 to get it to see the OSX loader on that GUID partition... Bet it will load CentOS fine... ::smile:

Thanks in advance.