ISO boot can not work on mobile HDD


I made a bootable flashdisk to install win7 yesterday ,using "write disk image" function of UltraISO,and it worked. Now I want to add winpe funtion to my flashdisk and I have a WINPE ISO file, I use "ISO boot" of Easybcd to add this iso file to the boot menu.And it really works.

When I do the same thing on my mobile hdd,I can still install win7. But when I load winpe, only some help information and a "grub>" message appears on my screen.

I want to know how I can solve this problem,Thanks.

I'm sorry that my English is not very well. I wish everyone can understand what I say.:smile:
Hiya monkey,

Don't use the ISO boot to boot into a Windows PE image. Instead, extract the contents of the ISO to the HD, then add a WinPE entry for the .WIM file found therein.
Thank you

I extract the iso file and get the wim file,and I add the wim file to the boot menu

when I boot, it really start to load file,but as soon as the file load complete,an error message shows on my screen says windows could not start

ok,this may because my pe is a modified edition,and really has some problem

so I make a new Iso file by Easyboot(a software which can create cd boot menu and iso file) and contains a dos image in it

but i get the same result

it works on my flashdisk,but can not work on my mobile hdd