I made a new Entry in the Win 7 BCD, pointing to the Win 8 ISO on my usb drive. OK, the Win 8 setup is booting, but when I start the installer,
I get the message "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD or USB flash drive, please insert it now"
It looks like pict. 2 on this side:
Solved Trouble installing Win 7 x64 on Aspire 4750G - No Device Drivers Found - Windows 7 Forums
After burning the ISO to DVD the Setup works fine.
Can EasyBCD-ISO-Boot not be used with Windows-ISOs?

You can't install most OSes after booting from ISO, because the ISO is made to look like a virtual hard drive and that throws the entire setup off.
OK, i tried it with serveral Windows ISOs now. Booting the Win 7 ISO via EasyBCD was succesful. The whole installation process of Win 7 was also succesfull!
Apparently sometimes it works well, sometimes not, depending on the ISO. Trying to boot a Gparted-ISO failed...
ISO booting has always been dependent on the ISO itself, but I am stunned to learn that you were able to install Windows 7 completely from ISO.

That's impressive. :smile:
I found it impressive too :smile: The location of the ISO seems to be not unimportant (Root directory or not). On occasion I will make further experiments.
No, the location shouldn't matter at all. No spaces in the path, though. (But I don't think EasyBCD will let you add an entry with spaces in the path).