Iso Loader Questions/Issues


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I only have a few questions on the iso loader part of easybcd.

I'm having a lil bug with the iso loader while im trying to boot into iatkos v7(mac os for pc). The iso boots fine and sets up the boot loader but once it starts to load i get a cant find root device error.
Which means the device that the virtual iso loader is setup on times out or upon the new boot loader releases the hold it had. (I found a way around this by half iso loading, half usb booting am trying to either set up a complete usb boot drive or iso loader)

So my question is how long does the iso loader stay in affect for as a connected device.

Also other than the forewarned linux boot cds won't work, what are the limitations to this system.
Also if i were to try and iso load a windows xp install cd how far would i be able to get into the process.(windows 7 x64 from iso loader works fine)

Other than a few issues with the iso loader this is a great program. Never had any problem dual/triple/etc booting using this.
(think most os's ive had installed at once was 7,3 on hdd 4 on external hdd all setup properly through easybcd to boot into any of them no matter if or if not the drives were all connected.)