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I used a Vista ISO for my hp 530 so should I reinstall all the drivers?

The ISO was in a hidden ISO folder that came with my HP.

The reason I ask this is because I'm getting an error that says," Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restart the computer, then restart the installation."


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Yea I burned the iso to a disk but i still get that error. So right now to fix it im thinking of dling another iso and trying to do it that way.


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Just to be sure: you burned the image on the ISO to the disc, right? Not just the ISO file itself?

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Some people extract the ISO and dont burn it as a ISO file.

Are you sure that the disk you created can be used to install and is not just a driver disk or other system disk?


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This is the ISO I used. It's by HP and came with the computer and below is the new problem I am having =]

So on start up installation I get an error that says," System registry contains invalid file paths. Installation cannot proceed. This system image was applied without guaranteeing that drive-letter assignments would match across computers."

With that being said I think the problem is that my drive letters aren't matching up. Like for example, my C is D and my D is C .

What should I do to fix this?

Srry for flooding the forum with the same stuff =[


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OS clone wtf? How do you do that. Srry my computer knowledge isn't that good lol =[

Also how to registry hack if you cant log into the os?

is there a way to access this through the cmd?
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Close this thread I got it up and running =].

I can explain step by step if you guys want it might help others.

I learned how to use the CMD in the process =] so it was a win win


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"Also how to registry hack if you cant log into the os?"

Sorry, thats the problem with coming to a thread late on, and not reading the back-posts.
But the argument is sort of backwards.
You can't have a letter problem if you haven't created the OS yet. Letters are just registry entries. The registry doesn't exist till the OS does.
That hack works on Vista /W7 even when they won't boot (if that's the only problem). They get just far enough into the OS to enable running regedit.