Issues trying to install windows vista


Okay so currently im running windows 7 32 bit on my computer. unfortunatly i have to downgrade back to vista. of course my computer dident come with a vista install disk BUT back BEFORE i went to 7 i did a clean install of my vista so i made one from Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc The NeoSmart Files and it worked back then fine. now when i try and use that exact same CD it wont work i get a "missing D:/sources/install.wim file" error. i went and looked in the cd and its not there. so i downloaded it again and put it on 2 different cds and no luck, i burned it at the slowest speed i could in alcohol 120 and the file still isent there. im running out of ideas. any help is very appreciated.
You seem to have your disks confused. Our recovery disc cannot be used to re-install Windows, only to fix a non-booting system. Whats wrong with W7 that you need to downgrade? Downgrading isn't going to fix the problem. If its really bad you just need to re-install Windows 7 or restore the computer to the factory default.
What is it with everyone and thier hate for Vista? I've used it every day for the last 3 years without any issue, smooth as XP. Lets not start an OS argument, ok?

Warrantys only valid for Vista? Well you must surely have a recovery set than, or otherwise you'll need to get a replacement.
I dont belive i have any way to recover it. They started making my computers come with win7 64 bit so i guess im going to have to get that and hope they dont notice.