Issues trying to use vista recovery disc

I have downloaded the neosmart recovery for vista to a disk I am using a hp dv5 laptop however when I in my boot options select internal cd/DVD rom drive it comes up with 0. No emulation system type: 00 and beneath that 1. No emulation system type: 00 if I select 1 it repeats the msg however is I select 0 it loads an unfamiliar Linux desktop I'm not sure what I should do from there to restore my broken vista system


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Could be a few things, wrong disk image, contact them for an exchange through the sticky post at the top of this section, or the disk you burned isn't bootable, try using different software - I find IMGBurn the best at making bootable disks, does it without having to adjust any settings from the default and it's free, the CD/DVD/BD drive isn't set to be the 1st boot in the BIOS...? Just a few suggestions. But in any case all support for these disks is now through them. See that sticky or click here: Send EasyRE support requests to