It pays to complain !!


Ive been in this house for a little over 2 years, the last time my ISP came to install cable internet the tech said something about the incoming signal being real hot. At that time I only had the lite package 768Kbps or so, with a speed test I could occasionally hit 1mbps.

this Monday I call to disconnect the service, other ISP's had better deals on speeds that were faster than my current for cheaper.

They talked me out of switching knocked about $15 off my bill and upped my speed.... really upped my speed

this test was done from about 100 miles away 30.77 Mbps !, even overseas I'm still reaching 19-25 mbps

how is this possible?? the fastest speed they offer is 17 mbps

Being very rural, I don't have the option of cable.
Feel I'm pretty lucky to be able to squeeze 6.9 Mbps out of a much damaged/repaired copper wire phone line.
there are still people that cant even get dsl, my mother in law suffers from dial up being to far out in the sticks. its horribly slow

I'm paying through the nose (almost a thousand USD a year) for 2mbps DSL that barely reaches 1.5mbps.....

No, no... you go ahead and enjoy yourself... I'll just suffer here... all alone... by my lonesome... in solitude... with my slow internet :smile:

Stop paying all that money CG and you can afford the air fare to move to Korea.
100Mbps is just about the minimum available there for a trifling sum.
Now there's a thought!

I was about to complain about %obvious reason not to move to Korea%, but couldn't find one :tongueout:
At home here, I have 200kbps of free wireless internet. but its everywhere. So.. 1.5mbps looks pretty fast to me.. But I would move to Korea right away, Japan would be better though, how about speeds over there?
Stop paying all that money CG and you can afford the air fare to move to Korea.
100Mbps is just about the minimum available there for a trifling sum.

Wow! For that kind of money, you should have your own dedicated satellite!

@ Terry60. Fuzz Korea!

@Guru. If you're going to go all the way hell-and-gone to the Pacific Rim, go to Singapore. In Singapore, even the soda machines have high-speed broadband! Plus they speak English - after a fashion, that is - but they are easily understood, and they don't give a rat's bum what religion you are - if any.

Or, even better, you could come here to Worcester Ma., and we could plot the next Proletarian Revolution and overthrow Czar Microsoft the First. My wife would be glad to teach us to speak Russian!

What say ye?

There is no way Jordan averages 2.1 mbps

The maximum available residential speed here is 2. And it costs an arm and a leg.
By the way when mentioning Korea, I trust you all mean South Korea, as North Koreans struggle to get electricity, let alone Internet service.

This is what we cable customers get here in Canada......I'm on the 'Extreme' one, which used to be their fastest, now their middle-of-the-road speed.


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Not too shabby, Peter. And I hear that Canada's considered terrible when it comes to internet...

I figured out why Jordan is reported to have ~2.1mbps avg speed - turns out the ISPs here are hosting their own Ookla test. Speed intranetwork from customers to the ISPs test machines can reach much, much higher than 2mbps (depending on the tech, I've seen it reach 30 or 40mbps), but from there to the interweb is the real bottleneck.

I guess I'd call it cheating!
Cheating indeed. Canada's improving as competition is slowly arriving...bit by bit. Bell now boasts the same or even better speeds over their fibre phone wire network. The Government is also looking at the ethics of the caps we have on our internet usage. Similar actions are under way in the US I believe.

My friends down under in OZ are always complaining about their service, so with yours and theirs I guess I should count myself lucky.
Yes, you are lucky! If you are fairly close to Toronto you probably have all the services available to you. My brother-in-law lives in Sherbrooke, Que and his cable service is pretty decent compared to times past.

Where I am in upstate NY there is only satellite or dial up. Cable, dsl and FIOS are just dreams.
Asked my ISP for a MAC yesterday citing my 6 day outage as due cause, and today got a phone call, at the end of which I'd upped my package, reduced the monthly cost by 20%, and got 2 free months thrown in.
Squeezed him a little more for compensation for the 6 days without service, and he threw in a 3rd free month.
So now I've got free anytime phone, same 7Mb service (max possible on my rural exchange) and an extra £200 in the bank.
It really does pay to complain.
A MAC as in Apple or a MAC address? I don't blame you. They rely on people quietly taking whatever is thrown at them. Every time my ISP increases fees I phone and threaten to leave and miraculously the fees drop not only back to where they were, but in many cases way beyond that.
The trouble is, they have the best internet service, CAPs notwithstanding.

Same with their cable TV and home phone services.