It's my turn for disasters now CG


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Got up this a.m. as usual with eyes only half open and grabbed my cell phone as it needed charging. Got half way across the living room (enroute to coffee pot) when I tripped.
The cell phone flew across the room, bounced off the window, ricocheted off a lamp and crashed onto a glass side table.
I'd only just bought the darn thing - an unlocked Moto KRZR K1 - at great expense I may add!!
I practically freaked out because when I switched it on there were no longer any sounds at all, no matter what setting I changed.
I switched it off and posted for help at my favourite cell forum - only to be given instructions on how to dismantle it in order to replace bits and pieces. (Not my thing, sorry!)
Anyway, I turned it back on about 30 minutes later...and...the sounds were so loud and clear I think I woke the neighbourhood!
Now all is back to normal and I'm breathing a sigh of relief.
My old phone went into the recycling at my local cell shop so I had no backup.
I'm now waiting for the Moto KRZR K3 to be released....!
:sick: :scared: :grinning:

You should consider moving the coffee pot to the bedroom :wink:

(I've done it multiple times!! :tongueout:)

Anyways, glad your phones not broken, and I haven't cursed anybody else or anything :tongueout:
Now I'm in the market for this one and I'll use my old one as a spare.

Motorola KRZR K3 (Unlocked)
Well, I'm the only person I have to spend money on and I might as well do that while I've got it. Although I think the extra camera inside for video conferencing is a bit over the top and I doubt I would ever use it for that.
It would be good for a video blog though.
A footnote...the cell phone still intermittently loses its sound capabilities so has to eventually go in for repair.

Here's a note of caution and a lesson learned for me. I buy things like this on eBay because, quite often, they are much cheaper that way. When it comes to an expensive and fragile item such as my phone (Moto KRZR K1) - don't. I found out when talking to Moto Support yesterday that unless the dealer you buy from is an authorised Moto outlet, then it is possible that the warranty is null and void. (It is possible that it will be honoured of course, but there is that risk).
:huh: >_< :sick:
Yep, I had the same experience with my ETen M600.
Great phone, great price, invalid warranty :frowning:

Yeah, it does seem that there is something wrong with it....
There are some many things wrong with this forum, I'm seriously considering rolling up my sleeves and pulling an all-nighter to port it over to a different system.... :frowning: