I've completely mucked up and need help!


Linux and Vista dual booting problem that EasyBCD might be able to solve

Hi guys,

A little while ago I installed a copy of Mandriva Linux on my hardrive dual booted with Vista. I must have done something very wrong during the installation because not only did the option to boot mandriva but the option to boot Fedora (my previous attempt at switching to linux) no longer does anything. Fortunately the Vista partition was untouched and I can still boot to it.

Now onto the question; if I use the "Reinstall the Vista Bootloader" option in EasyBCD will I then be able to delete the linux partion?

Also can you point me in the direction of how to boot into linux using the Vista partition as I'm now completely fed up with GRUB:tongueout:oint:

Thanks in advance
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Mandriva is known to create issues in multi-boot environments, we don't recommend it much here at NeoSmart Technologies (Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, and Gentoo for us :smile:).

Anyway, with regards to your problem: Reinstall Vista bootloader. Delete Mandrive partition. Throw the Mandriva DVD away :smile:

Good luck!

(btw, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies :grinning:)