JSP for IIS6 - IIS does not load isapi_redirect.dll


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First some million thanks for the nice tutorial for getting TomCat/JSP running on Win2003. Very clear and should be easy to follow. Still it seams I've blown it :wink:
Please could you help, I have no more ideas what to try. The net reseach didn't help either.

My config:
Win2003 Std Edition SP2 (32bit)
Tomcat 5.5

I downloaded and installed as described. The paths suggested by the installers were different than described, but I think I managed it well: localhost:8080 starts the samples and TomCat manager well. And isapi_redirect.dll is in the tomcat\bin path where it should be.

Still IIS resists to load the isapi_redirect.dll.
I made sure I / the W3SVC has proper access rights to the bin-path: everybody read/execute.
I told windows that I want to use the downloaded file for execution in file security settings.
I added isapi_redirect.dll to web service extension and enabled it.
I added the virtual folder to my test website, allowing scripts and executables to run.
I configured JPS in ISAPI tab of website settings.
I made sure to select all paths through browser dialogs, so typos are prevented.
I'm using windows authentification for the website access, but testing with public access (iusr...) also didn't help
So, besides the path problem mentioned earlier, I did everything as told.
I made sure the dll loaded well by opening it with regsvr32 (I know, it's not an COM dll, just wanted to make sure it loads well and wasn't broken during download).

Still: MMC shows red arrow down for JPS in ISAPI tab, and the event log tells me 2214 error with 2 in the data = file not found / not accessible.
The website is not accessible, but if I remove the filter entry, it is again.

Leaves me helpless.
Any idea would be highly appreciated.