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1644: Oliver Cromwell achieves his first major victory over Royalist forces at the Battle of Marston Moor.

1937: American aviator Amelia Earhart goes missing over the Pacific during an attempt to fly round the world.

1964: US President Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Bill, granting equality regardless of race or religion.
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1865: William Booth forms the Salvation Army
1937: Amelia Earhart, the US aviator, disappears somewhere over the Pacific Ocean
1950: American troops land in South Korea

1714: Christoph von Gluck, German composer
1862: William Henry Bragg, English physicist
1877: Herman Hesse, German novelist
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1553: Lady Jane Grey is proclaimed queen of England in succession to Edward VI, who died three days earlier.

1877: The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club opens its first tennis tournament at Wimbledon.

1900: The bill bringing into existence the Commonwealth of Australia (on 1 January 1901) receives royal assent.
1793: Jean Paul Marat, one of the leaders of the French revolution, is murdered
1837: Queen Victoria becomes the first British monarch to live in Buckingham Palace
1863: Beginning of the New York draft riots, regarded as the worst in United States history.
1881: American outlaw Billy the Kid is shot to death
1985: The Live Aid concerts held to raise money for famine victims in Africa
1527: John Dee, English scientist
1811: George G. Scott, British architect
1927: Simone Veil, French politician
1933: David Storey, English novelist
1934: Wole Soyinka, Nigerian writer
1942: Harrison Ford, American actor
1943: The Battle of Kursk, largest tank battle in history, ends (not exactly a birthday )