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One of the duties of my job is to reformat used computers and do fresh installs of the OS. So far, just WXP. After the new OS is installed, during a boot of the system, sometimes the pre-boot lists WXP twice as a boot option. The new install on top, and the old install on the bottom (which would not boot if you selected it anyway).

I then have to go into the advanced system recovery options and deselect the 30 second time to choose operating systems just to make the boot/reboot perform without the need for user intervention.

Each time I reformat a computer, I do it the exact same way, but about 1/3 of the computer do this. The rest do not. Why does this happen?

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When you get to the partition screen delete every partition on the disk and press enter on the unallocated space to create a new partition for XP.
For those that do, just open up the boot.ini found in the root of the "system" partition according to Disk Management (you will need to have "Show hidden files and folders" enabled in the Folder Options of the Control Panel, and "Hide protected system files" unselected in order to see the file). It should open in Notepad.
Then just select the entry that does not work, delete it from the file, and you shouldn't see any menu. Or reset the timeout value to 0.